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General Knowledge Quiz 2016 - New Venue!

Our annual General Knowledge Quiz (GK2016, as we like to call it) is booked in for Thursday 10th November at Steam Wine Bar, 1 St George’s Lane, London, EC3R 8DJ just around the corner from Monument. We hope you can join us at our first quiz at this new (for us) venue where there will be food, wine & ale a-plenty to refresh your brain as we give it a good work out with a few teasers.

As well as a new venue, you'll notice we also have a new day, as we try out Thursday for a change.

Anything else new? Actually, yes. You can now round up extra support as we are increasing the maximum team size to 6 people. But guess what - the entry fee per team remains the same at just £40. Are we good to you or what?

So, if you want to test your grey cells & have a chance of receiving the prestigious Golden Brain, then check out the entry form here. Places are strictly limited so make sure you reserve your place now!

We look forward to seeing you on the night

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