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Fieldfisher - Support Our Fundraising, They Did

Friends & long-time supporters Fieldfisher invited us along to their place on the banks of the Thames to run a quiz night recently.

Since it was held on May the 4th, all of the teams were challenged to come up with a Star Wars related team name. There were a few absolute corkers. Let's be honest here, we've seen more "Quiz Team Aguilera", "Universally Challenged", "Norfolk & ... whatever" team names to last us a lifetime, plus many others besides, so it was really refreshing to see a whole scoresheet of fresh names.

Our personal favourite - Sith Happens - was runner up in the best name competition to the brilliantly named Wookipedia. Sadly, neither of these teams were in the running for the big prize though.

At the end of the table where the force wasn't quite as strong, Tobi & The Kenobis started badly, but slowly worked their way off the bottom, to be replaced by Scruffy Nerf Herders. Despite a storming comeback by the latter in the closing stages, they couldn't quite close the gap again, finishing just one point below Tobi.

Maximum score in the first two rounds saw The Artist Formerly Known As Princess Leia take the early honours, & they remained in top three contention throughout. Consistent heavy scoring by Death Star Finance took them into the lead however, & they closed in on the title with an 8 point lead going into the last round.

But what's this? A final round disaster coupled with a maximum score from third placed Qui Gon Jinn & Tonic suddenly thrust them to the front of the pack at exactly the right time to take the top spot. Trust the force indeed!

Other news saw no less than 4 failed attempts at our jackpot question, so a pot of £55 goes forward to our next quiz!

A big thanks to all at Fieldfisher once again for their great support in raising over £1,000 on the night.

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