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Fitch Brains Get AAA+

On April 19th, our highly trained team of professionals decamped to sunny Docklands to run a quiz night for our good friends at Fitch Ratings. And good friends they are too - we have been providing quiz nights for them since 2002, would you believe?

Before the start of proceedings, Silvia Fernandes presented Pete Parkin & Pete Inwood with a wonderful & generous donation of £2,000. There now follows a picture containing a couple of old guys, so those of a nervous disposition might want to look away for a second...

... You can look again now. Wisely, our other volunteer, Jacqueline Yeo, declined to be caught on camera with the 2 Petes. Bravery awards to Silvia, & to Susan Meshkati for risking her phone's camera there.

With a team name like "To Be Second Is To Be Last", you need to back it up with some serious question answering, & they duly did just that, emerging as winners with an amazing 150 points out of a possible 162. This left second placed "Comply & Prosper" plus 20 other teams trailing in their wake.

"The Second" weren't quite that high up the table, although they were awarded a prize for recovering from a truly awful start to almost finish in not last place. Our choice for best team name? "Quizzy McQuizface" won the day there.

Thanks once again to Susan, Silvia & everyone at Fitch Ratings for supporting our fundraising once again.

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