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Football Predictions


Our prediction competition is getting bigger and bigger with the prize in each game now over £500.

It is called “LAST MAN STANDING” and is a very simple prediction competition.

All you have to do is pick a team from the premiership fixtures each week that you think will win… If they do, you are still in, but if they lose or draw, you are out!

The “Last Man” (or woman or course!) left in will win the pot…..

There is a twist though, you can only pick a team once in each competition! 

It costs just £5 up front to enter… (This is not a weekly cost, you pay once to enter each game up front, that’s it)

We start a new game either when somebody wins, or at least every 5 weeks, so there may be more than one game going on at a time…

 Peter Parkin



 Each week I will give a list of the upcoming fixtures in the Premier League.

  • You have to pick a team that you think will win their fixture.

  • If you get it right, you go through to the next Game Week. If you Lose or draw, you are out, unless none of the selected teams win, in which case all those still in will go through to the next round.


  • I will set a deadline for picks to be in by each week. If you don’t send me your pick by then, you will take the default team…

  • The default team will be the lowest premier league placed "away" team on the fixture list for that round that you haven’t already picked irrespective of kick off time and date

  • All picks must be sent to me by email.

  • If you are unable to tell me your pick due to holiday etc., please tell me your pick(s) in advance. Otherwise the default team rule above will apply.

  • To enter it will be £5 (you only pay once at the beginning), the winner takes 70% of the pot, with 30% going to The City of London Friends and onward to Cancer Research UK.

·       The winner will be the last person left in the game. (I may on occasion offer the chance to mutually split a pot)


Contact: Peter Parkin

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